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Travelling With interview with Amy traveling broad

Today we are able to interview Amy from Traveling Broad.

Hi Amy, could you tell us all a little bit about yourself?

My name is Amy Stark, aka A Traveling Broad.

I have fond memories of childhood trips to the beach, my grandparents’ houses in northwestern Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC, but I knew there had to be more.

Over the years, my innate curiosity about the world has evolved into a bad case of wanderlust. Sometimes a quick weekend away will keep it at bay, but I prefer longer trips that give me more time to explore.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have the time and money to travel more and more frequently with each passing year.  My travels so far have taken me all over the U.S. (including Puerto Rico); the Bahamas; Canada; Mexico; Costa Rica; France; Guadeloupe; Israel; Italy; Monaco; and Vatican City.

When I travel

  • I prefer to spend my money on experiences such as enjoying local cuisine and doing activities vs. where I stay. The only time I spend at the hotel, Airbnb, or wherever I stay is to sleep and shower.
  • I try to stay within a budget without sacrificing fun. Aftet all, I probably won’t remember how much I spent on a trip but I’ll definitely remember what I did.
  • I prefer to rent a car and drive around so I can stop and go whenever and wherever I want.

Where is home for you?

Home for me is currently Northern Virginia.

Where in the world are you right now?

Northern Virginia.

How long have you been travelling?

Progressively more every year since I was 20.

A very tough question, but what is your favourite country?

It’s a tie (so far) between France, Italy & Costa Rica.

View of Nice

View of Nice

What was your least favourite place? Why?

Luckily, I’ve enjoyed everywhere I’ve been.

What has been the best experience that you have had whilst travelling?

The best experience while traveling (so far) was driving around Italy with no real set itinerary. I went with an ex-boyfriend and we decided before the trip that we’d have a general idea of where we wanted to go before our trip, but if we didn’t like a place once we got there, we’d move on. The only hotel reservation we made before the trip was for the 1st night of our trip. We knew we’d be tired from traveling, so we didn’t want to have to deal with finding a hotel. We had an amazing time!

I also had a great trip to Israel. I really didn’t want to go, but it ended up being a wonderful trip.

top of the Bahai Temple in Haifa, Israel-min

Top of the Bahai Temple in Haifa, Israel

What is the scariest encounter that you have had whilst travelling?

Years ago, I went to Guadeloupe on my honeymoon with my now ex-husband. We were staying at the Club Med and decided to leave the property to walk to and explore the nearby town. When we strayed a few blocks off the main road, we were greeted by a pretty scary, unwelcoming local. We quickly headed out to the more touristy, more populated area. It was an unsettling experience!

What is your number one ‘bucket list’ item that you haven’t yet done?

My #1 bucket list item: go on a cruise to Alaska in the summer!

Do you have a packing list? How much does your luggage weigh?

Yes, I definitely have and use a packing list or I’ll forget something important. I typically only travel with a carry on, so the weight of my bag isn’t an issue, only the dimensions.

What can you not leave home without?

My cell phone charger. Even if I don’t use it for phone calls, I need to keep my phone charged so I can use the camera.

Can you recommend a book that’s great to read whilst on holiday?

I love “ Eat Pray Love.” It’s a great novel (especially for women) about finding ypurself through travel. I’ve read it several times.

Do you have a favourite app for travel?

I use Trip Advisor and Yelp for restaurant recommendations and Trip Advisor to find the best things to do at a destination.

What is your best tip for anyone about to go travelling?

My best tip: don’t try to fit too much in each day or you’ll come back from your trip totally exhausted instead of rested. Pick out a few key activities you really want to do and places you want to see, then go with the flow the rest of the time.

Where are you going to go to next?

I am going on a road trip in the U.S. next. After that, planning to go to either Canada or Croatia.

Thank you Amy, it’s great to hear about people’s experiences from all over the world, you can read more of Travelling Sam’s interviews here.


Amy stark traveling broad bio


Amy Stark (aka A Traveling Broad) had a desire to travel since she was young and her wanderlust has increased with each passing year. Through her blog, she shares her adventures, photos, travel tips, money-saving tricks, and lessons learned with others like her – kindred spirits with a passion for travel and a zest for life.

You can follow Amy on her Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.


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Travelling Sam
Travelling Sam
I have been travelling full time since 2016 with my wife Suzie. Over the years, I have found a passion for overland travel. Whether that be trains, camper-vans, bicycles, or even walking with my own two feet. The travel community I have met and become part of has taught me that one of the best things you can do is to share your experiences. Welcome to Travelling Sam.

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