My name is Sam and I am the author of Travelling Sam.

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Firstly thank you for coming by!

Throughout Travelling Sam you will find a mixture of experiences from my adventures, and various guides about exciting things to do across the world. My real passion is for travelling adventures. By this I don't mean things like jumping out of a plane (although that is amazing!), I mean cycling the entire length of a country, taking a train from the UK all across Europe, Russia, Mongolia and right through China to Hong Kong. I have travelled to other countries to compete in Ironman Triathlons and other adventure races. I go far and wide to try out as many different adventures as I can so I can tell you all about them.


Bucket List

When I was 18 I did one of the ultimate cliches of writing a bucket list. Every year, I have tried to complete as many things as possible but have also added lots onto it! I have been lucky to complete a lot so far; they are all random things such as watching every episode of friends, driving a tank, skydiving, becoming a pub landlord, and cycling the length of the United Kingdom. Your bucket list goals don't have to make sense to anyone but you; it is a great task to help you focus. Write yours today!

Countries Visited

Some people see the number of countries that they have visited as a badge of honour, others think it's boasting. For me, I love to keep track of where I have been as its helps me to focus on where I want to go. The world is a lot smaller place than it used to be, but it is still massive when you look at the numbers!

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