What can I eat on the 3 day diet? The 3 day military diet shopping list

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What can I eat on the 3 day diet? The 3 day military diet shopping list

healthy food on your diet

What can I eat on the 3 day diet? The 3 day military diet shopping list

Should I diet for vacation?

People spend months getting in shape through diet and exercise to get ready for their holidays and vacations. Some people have a naturally high metabolism (if that’s you, I am jealous). Others spend their time after the holiday losing that added weight. The one universal truth is that everyone on vacation eats more than they would at home. I am no exception to this, so what does that mean when you take on a life of full time travel? It means that I have become a fan of the 3 day healthy heart diet, otherwise known as the 3 day military diet to our friends across the pond. The first question people have is what can I eat on the 3 day diet? The diet is designed to be as close to a normal daily balance of food as possible, but the best thing about it, is that you can substitute elements out to make sure it fits with your palate.

The biggest struggle with most diets is that they seem never ending. They usually mean you have to abide by strict rules for months. This is what I love most about the 3 day diet, it is for such a short, finite amount of time. Now, before I go further, this isn’t some miracle cure to weight loss, it isn’t a substitute for a healthy, all-round diet and exercise regimen. What it does, is give you a good burst of weight loss to help get you in the right mind set to make some good lifestyle changes.

What is the 3-day diet?

This diet is supported by the NHS and the American Heart Foundation. It is not some fad ‘only drink cabbage water’ style diet. It adheres to a set menu of food over a three day period (with items you can substitute) that gives you a good chunk of weight loss. Some people have said that they have lost up to 10lbs (4.5kg), I usually loose around 6lbs (2.7kg). Because of the nature of this diet it is only recommended to use it for 3 days in any 7. If I am in a position to, I use it once every couple of weeks to help maintain my level of weight (especially if I have been pigging out travel food).

What can I eat on the 3-day diet


the 3 day diet plan what is the military diet

The Plan

The 3-day military diet : 3-day healthy heart diet shopping list

The 3 day diet the military diet shopping list the healthy heart diet shopping list what do I need

Everything you need!



3 Day Diet Review

I have tried a few diets in the past, and I have found that this is the only one that I can keep to. It has a real effect on me. I always lose around the 6lb mark (2.7kg). As it is a short sharp burst of weight loss, a lot of people worry that it’s not sustainable.  Which in part is true. When I come back on to my usual dietary habits I find that I put a third of the weight straight back on, around 2lb (0.9kg), but the rest of the weight is sustainable. It is important that you don’t see your days off of the diet as an opportunity to eat what you want, you need to be able to have a balanced meal plan for those days.

In summary, the diet is an effective tool in weight loss and management, whilst providing a short-term balance including a level of fruit and veg whilst negating a high carbohydrate load.

Don’t cheat the diet and it won’t cheat you! Have you used this diets before, has it worked for you?



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