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March 7, 2018
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Today we are able to interview Tamshuk from Tamz Explores.

Hi Tamshuk, could you tell us all a little bit about yourself?

I am Tamshuk and I started my blog Tamz Explores in July 2015 while I was still working as a Financial Analyst with a leading MNC in Singapore. After a few life altering experiences, I quit my job in March 2016 and stepped into the life of a full time traveller and digital nomad. I TRAVEL FOR THE STORIES – this is what I realised after the first few solo trips I took across Southeast Asia. There is a story behind every place, person, culture and object that I see and I travel to unravel those stories. I travel on a moderate budget and I try to go places that are not your usual popular tourist spots. I have been to eight countries till now but I have mostly travelled within Southeast Asia and once to Italy (for work though).

Where is home for you?

Home for me would be a place where I would be peacefully content while going to sleep and refreshingly happy when I wake up in the morning. A place that would amaze and inspire me in any way. Bali is that place for me.

waterfall in Bali

Waterfall in Bali

Where in the world are you right now?

Right now I am working as a manager of a wonderful little Café & Art Gallery & Ecostay in Goa, India. I have been docked here for quite a while now.

How long have you been travelling?

I started traveling on and off in 2012, but as a full time traveller, it has been exactly 18 months now.

A very tough question, but what is your favourite country?

Undoubtedly, Indonesia!! I have been to that country ten times already and I have lived with local families in remote rural areas. Everything about Indonesia, the food, the landscapes, the cultures and the people, is something I have not experienced anywhere else. There is so much to love about Indonesia. These are the reasons why the island of Bali feels like home to me.

What was your least favourite place? Why?

No offence to anybody, but Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. I visited the city for 3 days but I somehow didn’t connect to that place. However, I would go back there again, for a longer time.

What is the strangest journey that you have taken?

A trip to the “Canyon” at Chiang Mai. I didn’t know what to expect from that place while I was riding my scooter there. I just wanted to check it out as a few travellers had suggested me to. When I reached there, I felt the place was quite weird. The canyon, actually looked like a quarry that was spread over a good part of the landscape. I personally didn’t find it very exciting.

What has been the best experience that you have had whilst travelling?

It is very difficult to choose for me. Working in an eco-conservation project in rural Indonesia, volunteering as an English teacher there and staying with a lovely local family – this was probably the best experience I’ve had while traveling. But I would also mention the first time I went underwater in Gili Islands (with a snorkel though) and a lovely bus ride along the countryside of Cambodia.

Teaching English abroad

My Class!

What is the scariest encounter that you have had whilst travelling?

Difficult to choose between a couple of snakebites and a debit card scam where I lost more than 90% of my savings. I would say, the snakebites were scarier. Both happened in Thailand, coincidentally.

What is your number one ‘bucket list’ item that you haven’t yet done?

Scuba Diving. I love the underwater world and so far I’ve only taken to snorkeling. I have been planning to go Scuba Diving for quite some time now. I don’t know why I still haven’t done it.


Underwater Life!

Do you have a packing list? How much does your luggage weigh?

I am quite flexible when it comes to packing list. I just try not to miss the essentials like medicines, grooming and hygiene related stuff and my travel documents of course. I never forget my camera (or my phone of course) and go quite light on clothes. I ensure my luggage doesn’t exceed more than 9-10 kgs as ultimately it’s gonna be me carrying that backpack all the time.

What can you not leave home without?

My phone, my diary and my laptop. My laptop I never miss as I love to catch up on tv shows and movies whenever I get time, besides the fact that I need it for blogging.

Can you recommend a book that’s great to read whilst on holiday?

Not quite. I haven’t read too many books. It might be hard to believe, I read a lot of Tintin comics and travel magazines during my journeys.

Do you have a favourite app for travel?

Google Maps and for obvious reasons. Besides these two, I use flight booking apps (Skyscanner, MakeMyTrip etc.) and hotel booking apps (, Agoda)

What is your best tip for anyone about to go travelling?

Go off beat. Go to places where the usual tourists don’t go. Look for experiences rather than instagram photo ops. Travel to feel the freedom you get, not to show off. And finally, keep your mind and heart open. Have space for all kind of people and experiences.

Where are you going to go to next?

I am heading to my parents’ place in Kolkata, India for a few days and later this year, I’ll go back to Bali to work on my next book.

Thank you Tamshuk, its great to hear about people’s experiences from all over the world, you can read more of Travelling Sam’s interviews here.

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