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Travelling interview With Tariq from quit pack go

Today we are interviewing Tariq from Quit Pack Go.

Hi Tariq, could you tell us all a little bit about yourself?

Hi, my name is Tariq and I run the travel and lifestyle blog Quit. Pack. Go.

I have always had a passion for travel, but recently I decided to take a year out to explore the world. I quit my job. Packed my bags. And booked a one way flight to Sri Lanka. From there, I’ve travelled to 14 more countries in that year, including Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, Myanmar, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan, Lebanon and the Maldives!


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Where is home for you?

Home for me is London, England. I have been home about 3 weeks after returning from my latest adventure.

How long have you been travelling?

Before returning home. I spent 12 months exploring South East Asia and beyond.

A very tough question, but what is your favourite country?

I really loved Laos and the Philippines but if I had to pick a favourite I would say the Maldives. We spend a month backpacking around various islands and had such an amazing time. From swimming with sharks, to night fishing or lazy beach days, the wildlife and the islands are incredible. The water is crystal clear and the people are amazing. Not many people know that you can travel the Maldives on a budget which is why we decided to launch Quit Pack Go.

What was your least favourite place? Why?

Vietnam. Despite it having some beautiful places such as Hue and Hoi An, it really seemed like the prevailing attitude was to really rip tourists off. I am used to paying the “tourist price” but almost everyone we met tried to scam us. From being given the wrong change to vastly inflated prices for trips or transport, it just left a sour taste in the mouth.


What has been the best experience that you have had whilst travelling?

Freediving with sharks in the Maldives! Swimming with whale sharks in the Philippines! Tubing in Vang Vieng, or seeing wild elephants in Sri Lanka! I can’t choose!

What is the scariest encounter that you have had whilst travelling?

Getting stopped and extorted by the police in Cambodia was pretty rough, but the worst was probably getting sick in Myanmar. I ended up seeing two local doctors who misdiagnosed me. My condition just kept getting worse and worse for about 10 days until I finally reached the capital and ended up having to fly to Singapore for emergency surgery and three day stay in hospital.

What is your number one ‘bucket list’ item that you haven’t yet done?

One of the things we couldn’t do because of our budget was explore the rest of Indonesia. I would love to go to explore the Komodo Islands and the Raja Ampat Islands! They look like incredible places!

Do you have a packing list? How much does your luggage weigh?

13kg for the main backpack and about 6 for the daypack. We probably packed a little on the heavy side. One thing you do need on your travels is good sunglasses. I would highly recommend a brand made by a friend of mine that I met travelling. They are made of wood, which means look awesome and they float, so no more losing them in the sea! (This happens more than you would think.)

What can you not leave home without?

My laptop. I travel with an 11” 2010 Macbook Air. I tried to use tablet but just can’t get on without a physical keyboard. You can pick up a second hand 2010 Macbook air for a few £100 on ebay. Its super light and really powerful, the perfect travel bloggers tool.

There are a few things that I really regret not taking with me though. I wrote an article on it which you can read here.

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Can you recommend a book that’s great to read whilst on holiday?

I read two great books whilst travelling. The first was The Million Dollar Blog and the second was the $100 Start Up. I would highly recommend these to anyone looking to start blogging or start their own business.

Do you have a favourite app for travel?

Trip Advisor. There are so many useful tools, but we used to use the “What to do” feature to identify where the tourist attractions were and then book a hotel in this area. A great way to save on travel time!

Where are you going to go to next?

South America!!


Thankyou Tariq, its great to hear about people’s experiences from all over the world, you can read more of Travelling Sam’s interviews here.


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Quit. Pack. Go. are a couple from London who love exploring new places and seeing more of what life has to offer. They want to encourage others to do what they did and Quit. Pack. Go.

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