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Today we are interviewing Fumi from Life Adventure.

Hi Fumi, could you tell us all a little bit about yourself?

My name is Fumiko. I’m from Japan. I’ve traveled around the world by myself just to change my life since September, 2015.

I was most unhappy in my life. I lost everything. I didn’t have anything meaningful to me. But I had to move forward and stand up, to keep on living a life. So I decided to take a risk and travel around the world to make my new life. I quit my job and spend all of my saving for the big adventure.

When I traveled, I tried to talk to as many people as I could because it’s important for me to meet new people and find out about new perspectives. It’s more worthwhile than seeing the beautiful view.

So far, I have visited 35 countries and in the world. Then I started writing a blog about the travel as a second challenge following my world travel. The title of my blog is “change our life through adventure.” I hope that this blog could change someone’s life.

Where is home for you?

My home is Osaka, Japan, for me. I grew up in Kobe but I never felt comfortable with my family when I was in Kobe.
Since I started traveling and living in Osaka with foreigners in a share house, my life has changed and I’m much happier than before. That’s why my hometown is Osaka even though I’ve lived in Osaka just about 11 months.

Where in the world are you right now?

Now I live in Osaka.

A very tough question, but what is your favourite country?

Hmm, yes, it’s a very tough question. But maybe Spain is my favorite country!

What was your least favourite place? Why?

My least favorite… maybe Jordan. I don’t hate Jordan, but it’s a bit of an aggressive country. Some people tried to take money from me. Not everyone, some!

What has been the best experience that you have had whilst travelling?

When I was heading to Spain from Morocco, I met a Moroccan guy on the bus and we talked each other. And I talked about my experience such as the reason why I travel.

Then, we spent time with him and his friends in Malaga, his hometown. He carried my luggage and helped look for the place I was to stay at. And when I parted with him, he put his hands together and vowed to me. Maybe he was praying for my happiness!

What is the scariest encounter that you have had?

I was threatened by people to show my breast whilst I was in Jordan. I ran away and found the police. So I escaped the danger.

What is your number one ‘bucket list’ item that you haven’t yet done?

Travel around the world again.

What can you not leave home without?

Mobile phone! Because I like taking a picture when I go out.

Can you recommend a book that’s great to read whilst on holiday?

The power of positive thinking.

Do you have a favourite app for travel?

I use a Couchsufing and a google map while traveling.

What is your best tip for anyone about to go travelling?

Enjoy the journey!
When I was traveling around the world, unexpected thing always happened. Then, I sometimes got a little panicked. But everything was solved in the end. So if your travel doesn’t go as you planned, don’t need to worry.

Where are you going to go to next?

I haven’t decided yet. But I want to go to San Francisco and visit Yosemite national park

Thank you Fumi, it’s great to hear about people’s experiences from all over the world, you can read more of Travelling Sam’s interviews here.

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