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Travelling sam interview with Suzie I am but wandering

Today we are interviewing Suzie from I am but wandering.

Hi Suzie, could you tell us all a little bit about yourself?

selfie with the Taj Mahal

Selfie with the beautiful Taj Mahal

Hi! I’m Suzie, I’m originally from the UK but currently travelling in New Zealand. I write I Am But Wandering, a travel and mental health blog. I travel full time; at the moment in a self-build campervan. I generally enjoy overland travel (camper, train, bus, etc.) as I don’t really enjoy flying – plus I think you get to experience a lot more if you move slowly from place to place. My current country count is sitting at 38; it is likely to take a while to increase as I am enjoying a much slower travel pace.

Where is home for you?

I grew up in a small village in the middle of the UK. I loved growing up in the countryside, and I think that is why I don’t like to spend a lot of time in big cities!

Where in the world are you right now?

Right now, I am in Napier, New Zealand. It is a very cute town famous for its Art Deco.

How long have you been travelling?

I left the UK in August 2016 to begin ‘permanent’ travel, but I have been backpacking each summer for the past 10 years.

A very tough question, but what is your favourite country?

I loved Norway – it is such an incredible country, the landscapes are stunning, plus I got to visit a lot of Viking sites, which made me happy!

loften islands Norway arctic circle

A village nestled into the Lofoten Islands, Norway

What was your least favourite place? Why?

I really didn’t like India. When I went, I suffered a lot of sexual harassment (even though I covered from neck to toe throughout the trip) and that made me feel unsafe. It was a shame, because the country was beautiful, and many people we met were wonderful and thoroughly appalled that fellow countrymen would act in such a way. But sadly, the experience was soured.

What is the strangest journey that you have taken?

I trekked out into the Thar Desert by camel. Riding a camel is a very weird experience, it is bumpy and uncomfortable, and when they run it makes you feel like your bones are made of

Suzie camel riding at the that desert

Riding a camel at the Thar Desert

jelly. It wasn’t the longest of journeys – only 2 days – but it was definitely memorable!

What has been the best experience that you have had whilst travelling?

When we were in Norway, we got to see the Northern Lights three times, and that is an experience that I’m not sure can be beaten. It was so beautiful and felt rather magical.

What is your number one ‘bucket list’ item that you haven’t yet done?

I think my ‘number one’ changes by the day, but right up at the top is to complete the Inca Trail to see Machu Picchu, to take part in the Antarctica Half Marathon and to see the cherry blossoms in Japan.

What is the scariest encounter that you have had whilst travelling?

For me, it has to be skydiving! I am terrified of flying anyway, and the idea of jumping out of a plane seemed utterly ridiculous – but I did it! And it felt amazing!

Suzie skydiving over lake wanaka

Skydiving over Lake Wanaka


Do you have a packing list? How much does your luggage weigh?

I have a vague list, but it isn’t how I want it to be! My luggage weighs around 8 to 10kg depending on how much equipment I bring with me (laptops, cameras, walking boot/poles, etc.) If travelling to a ‘hot’ country, my rucksack weighs around 6 to 7 kg. I prefer to have light luggage as I know I will be carrying it, and there is nothing worse than a heavy pack to make you grumpy!

What can you not leave home without?

Sun screen – I’m pale and prone to burning, so I will do all I can to avoid skin damage.

Can you recommend a book that’s great to read whilst on holiday?

I love all books by Matthew Reilly, he writes action/adventure/historical fiction insanely well and I never want to put his stories down. On a relaxing beach holiday though, I will always reach for a Jill Mansell book because they are happy escapism!

Do you have a favourite app for travel?

I love for navigation, it is super helpful because you can download the map of the country/area before you leave home and then you do not need to use any data for maps whilst you are away.

What is your best tip for anyone about to go travelling?

Put the camera down occasionally and enjoy the moment, be respectful of local people and customs, and take common sense with you.

Where are you going to go to next?

Next stop: Japan! There was a 24-hour flight sale on last week, and flights to Japan from New Zealand were crazy cheap, so we booked them on a whim. No idea what we will do, or how to get back yet, but we have 10 months to sort something!

Thankyou Suzie, come and have a look at the rest of the interviews on Traveling Sam.


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Suize is a travel blogger, history nerd and mental health advocate. She is passionate about sharing unique activities and epic adventures on her blog I Am But Wandering.

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